Writers Block?

SO…Here I am…looking for something to write that will be intriguing to my audience today, yet I have nothing on my mind that makes me feel fired-up to share.

This feeling actually manifested into this post. I am very much a “go with the flow” girl. I let my feelings and intuition guide me every single day. Sitting here on the couch with my laptop staring a blank screen isn’t going to make me write a good post.

BUT… through this struggle, I was able to use my byproduct a.k.a. lack of inspiration. My point is, if something inspires you, write it down, take a photo of it, or something! You don’t need to act on ir right away, especially if you’re busy at work or something. Keep your inspirational ideas in one place so you can sit and stare at them when you NEED to write a post or just want to be inspired.

Oh, and actually, I have a really great tool I use to keep all my inspirational notes, ideas, photos, etc. (Probably should have looked at that before I sat here trying to write…but hey, I just went with flow) 😉


This tool allows you to take notes, photos, save web images and so much more. I personally use the app on my iPhone to take photos of great wines I like, cool images in magazines that inspire me, and lots of other stuff!

Check it out here:


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