Welcome to BE by Heather Marie. 

Hi, I’m Heather. I own and operate “BE by Heather Marie” in Maple Grove, MN.

The notion of “BE” came into existence through a series of life experiences and observations. I noticed people were driven by distraction and multi-tasking. Everyone was so busy being busy! This seemed out of balance to me. It was rare to see humans truly connecting with each other. So I began to think about where I could cause a ripple. It became obvious that my entry point should be in the home. A balanced and stress-free home life will elevate people out of the “distraction funk” and launch them into successful lives with health, wealth, happiness and connection with their surroundings and loved ones.

I started out as a coach, helping others through difficult times like divorces, job changes and feeling lost. Serving my friends felt wonderful and I wanted to find a way to get paid for what I did and make a good living. I thought finding a niche would be helpful, so I did some digging.

I am a big believer in home being a reflection of your life and what you stand for. If you’re living in a cluttered space, you could be blocking important things from entering your life. Things like love, money and health are all areas I thought I could help open up with a little “organizational love”. So I became a professional organizer.

Yet, this wasn’t quite enough. I mean, it was good and fulfilling, but there was something missing. Like I wasn’t quite hitting the nail on the head of what I could offer the world…

Then, in a moment of clarity after talking to one of my most inspirational friends, it hit me! PRODUCTIVITY COACH! Who doesn’t want to be productive? Who doesn’t want more time, more money… more satisfaction out of their everyday life? So here I am!

I’m ready to serve you through blog posts, videos, tools and training. Let’s BE productive together!


Contact Me anytime. I’d love to hear from you!