The Awareness Factor

Half the battle of learning is paying attention. Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and you can tell they are not paying attention to you? (Happens to me almost daily…)

Don’t take it personally, these people are missing out!

I know there is a huge emphasis on multi-tasking these days. With the recession, most of us are finding ourselves in a job role that should be handled by three or more people. This is a tough position to be in and unfortunately, it fuels this behavior. It’s fine to have some multitasking in your day, but where is the line; and really, how well are you doing anything if you are in the middle of doing one thing just to be thinking of what you are going to do next?

So how are you going to stay “Present” in the precious moments of your life? Here are some ways to check yourself back into your moment:

  • Breath deeply and do it often
  • Connect with nature and be aware of your surroundings
  • Get some exercise
  • Take lessons from an animal or a child. All they know is how to be fully present.
  • Seriously, stop and smell the flowers or work in the garden
  • Do something new and shake things up! Take a new route to work or take up a new hobby.

Get mindful, not mindless.

Stay focused on the present and to slip deeper into each moment.

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