What is A Professional Organizer?

A Professional Organizer is an expert in finding solutions to assist clients in reducing clutter through the design of systems and processes using the basic organizational principles.

There are approximately 4,000 professional organizers who are members of the trade association, the National Association of Professional Organizers.


Why the heck would I need a Professional Organizer?

There are MANY reasons it is helpful to get the outsider perspective of a professional organizer, but here are just a few examples of what I see on a weekly basis:

  • You’re feeling stressed by not being able to find your things
  • You buy additional groceries that you don’t need because you can’t see what you have
  • Your bills don’t get paid on time because you can’t find where you put that darn envelope!
  • You feel stressed by clutter in your home
  • You don’t have a good/fast morning routine
  • You instantly feel stressed when you enter a certain room or open that “avalanche closet”

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