Don’t be a Judgy McJudgerton

Everyone has judgmental tendencies, but they really need to be stopped. We quickly judge people based on their actions, behaviors, looks etc. in comparison to ours. Well, I believe that we never stop growing. So is it really fair to judge someone based on what is happening to that person in that moment? I think not. This advice also pertains to yourself. Do not be so hard on yourself! I say, be an observer, not a judge. Look at others and yourself with appreciation, love, and acceptance.

Situation: You meet a women at one of your friend’s Tastefully Simple parties…and she asks you if you met her friend.

Here is an example of being a Judgy McJudgerton: “um, yeah… I met her. Her teeth were all jacked up and I am pretty sure she didn’t have a job. What a loser!”

Here is an example of being open and observant: “Yes, I met her. We talked for a bit and I found out she was looking for a job.”

I hope no one would ever be this disrespectful…but I needed an example. See how Judgy McJudgerton was pretty much a huge snot? She gave her opinions of the friend rather than just giving the facts.

You sort of don’t like Judgy right now, do you? Here is why. I found a great quote that explains it all.

Judging Others



Girls, embrace and love yourself and other ladies. We need each and every wonderful woman on this planet.

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