It’s Time to Organize!

Happy New Year 2015Now that the new year is upon us, many of us find ourselves wishing for a more organized life. I fully support this! AND I can help you start. Getting organized doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your first project.

1. Pick your Biggest Everyday Stressor

As an example, if you find that coming home to piles of mail everywhere makes you feel out of control. It’s because you are! Bills could not be getting paid, you could be missing a large check or an important letter. Instead create a mail station or “command center” where you place all bills, magazines, checks, stamps etc.  Ensure that all members of your family use the mail station and put a trash/recycle bin underneath, to quickly discard junk mail.

2. Start Small

If your kitchen needs an organization overhaul, don’t let that overwhelm you. Start with one cabinet or drawer. After you’re done, check yourself. Do you feel energized? Then keep going! If you feel exhausted, stop when you’re done. Then set a date and time for when you will tackle the next project.

3. Consider all who use the space

If you live alone, you’re in control of your own messes or cleanliness. However, if you have a roommate or a family, organization can be easily overlooked if there isn’t a system in place. Get everyone involved who uses the space you’re tackling. It has to be functional for all who use it. It may even be a fun family project!

4. Ask for help

If you find that the project is too much for you alone to handle, call in for reinforcements! Friends, family, or a professional organizer to help take some of the pressure off. Sometimes an outsider can bring in a new perspective that can alter the way you think about or use the space in question.

5. Make it Pretty!

Not only should you be making a better and more functional space, you should also be creating something pleasing to the eye. If you’ve just spent hours organizing your closet, put a cute rug down or decor piece on the wall to make it look even better!

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