How to Accessorize!

You need to know the basics, and there are a few items every girl should have in her wardrobe. The great thing about accessories is, they always fit! No matter what your size, shape or budget, here are a few “must have” items:

Large Black Belt a big black belt worn over a cute white-collared top with some great jewelry is super cute. Simple, Classy, and slimming– it accentuates the waist and makes you feel sexy and professional.

Fun colored flats– Comfortable, yet fun! Colored flats will help you add some pizazz to a boring uniform or a black suit you’re forced to wear at your job. If you’re limited to only black and white, try looking for some cute patterns like zebra print or polka-dot.

Diamond stud earrings (real or fake)– Earrings are way to balance your face and draw attention to your facial features. Diamond earrings help add a little sparkle to your already gorgeous visage. There is something fantastic about the glimmer diamond studs bring to your eyes.

A plethora of scarves– Scarves are great as they can be tied in multiple ways and can quickly add color to a boring outfit. Thicker scarves are great for winter, and thinner, lighter scarves are great just to add some punch to a look. You can even wear a scarf in the summer over a cute tank.

Fun jewelry– If you see a great big ring, get it! Did you fall in love with a necklace for $10 at that cute little shop by your house? Buy it! Wear what is inspiring to you. If you see a piece you love, but are unsure what you would wear it with, work backwards and plan an outfit around that piece. You’ll be surprised at how amazing you will feel and how much of a trend-setter you may become.

A great hair cut, color, and style– Hair is super important, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on cuts and colors to make an impact. Make sure your hair cut works with your face shape and your color works well with your skin tone. Bangs are great because most salons and barbers will give you free bang trims between cuts.

An arsenal of nail colors– Your nails don’t need to be professionally done every couple weeks, but if you can afford it, great. Otherwise, getting some professional nail colors like OPI with a base and top coat will make your nails look professionally done at a fraction of the price. Try to coordinate your nail polish colors with your outfits for additional accessorizing power.

Purses and Bags As the most common accessory sought after, purses and bags are fun to buy and carry around. Every girl should have a classic every day purse of quality and then a million and two fun purses (high or low quality). Have fun with these and use them to add that finishing touch to your best outfit. Keep your purses in good condition by switching them out often.

Confidence– The most important accessory is confidence! Take risks and be proud of all the work and creativity you’ve put into your accessorizing! Work it, girl! Confidence will take your outfit from glam to BAM!

Think of accessories as an investment. Since they always fit, you can wear them for a long time and look great doing it! You can get some great pieces at Target, Kohl’s or other department stores that won’t cost you too much.

Quick Tip:

Don’t overdo it. Pick one accessory or feature you’d like to draw attention to and go with it. Don’t go all crazy with scarves, belts, big earrings and crazy shoes with the same outfit. An easy way to do this is to look for balance from head to toe. If you have too much going on near your face, like a bright scarf, crazy big earrings, and a bold lip color, you may want to tone it down to just the one of those.

Your accessories should show who you really are. If your favorite color is pink, accessorize with it! If you love the geek chic look, sport your best horn rimmed glasses and “nerd out”, girl! You will look so great!

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