Get Pretty-FOR FREE

No need to spend any money on beauty supplies, weight loss quick fixes, or expensive clothing. Here are some easy and simple ways to BE attractive without spending cash:

Feel you’re beautiful – Have you seen a person who doesn’t have perfect facial features or  body proportion, but whenever they walk into a room they get everybody’s attention? They don’t have the Hollywood beauty but you can’t understand why you just can’t stop staring at them. These are the people who feel they are beautiful. Guess what?  You can be like this too!  You can get the crowds undivided attention by just feeling it within yourself that you are beautiful. How to do this? Simple. Everyday say to yourself that you are beautiful, repeat it over and over again until you feel it within yourself that you are indeed beautiful. Don’t entertain the thought that you are not perfect or you’re fat, or anything like that because whatever you think, becomes you. Remember: You have to think and feel that you are attractive and beautiful, if this is what’s on your mind your physical body will follow.

Be happy – Happiness brings out different aura to a person. It makes her look fresh, young and attractive. A Smile is the least expensive makeup you can put on in your face and what’s more it gives you the best results. Happiness with a smile is like a magnet that draws people toward you.

Be yourself – Heard it many times right? The reason why it keeps on recurring in every self-help books is because it is an effective way to generate the beauty within you. Don’t try to be the anything but the person you are. In time people will see through your act. Remember that you are a unique creature and are one in a million! No one has the same features, characters and attributes that you have. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Be yourself and people will notice your uniqueness and your beauty.

Be modest – Don’t be a braggart! If you have something great about you, it’s OK to acknowledge it, just don’t over do it with bragging. It is attractive if someone who is pretty doesn’t flaunt it. It makes people love you more and makes you more attractive.

Be friendly – This is the very best way to attract people. No one is attracted to a person who just keeps to herself. And no one cares to talk to the girl with the bad attitude. Be friendly and open to people around you! This will increase your odds of everyone being attracted to you, regardless, their age and status.

Being attractive comes from within, no cosmetic or surgery can help you with that. You have so much inner gorgeousness inside that human shell of yours, but until you truly believe it yourself, you will not unleash your full beautiful potential. So, dig deep within YOU and find that untapped beauty.

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