Find Power and Strength in Yourself


If you are looking for strength and power right now, something must be forcing you into a feeling of fear or hardship. Girl, you got this! We all have it within us, but many of us are unaware of how to tap into it. How do we reach this strength alone? What do you do when you can’t reach it? Use the power of intention.

Whatever you are faced with “in the now” moment, stay with it. Do not “run away” mentally or physically. Just look and observe whatever you are faced with. The first time you do this it will be difficult, then it will gradually get easier. Once you allow yourself to really feel the pain, face the struggle, or “walk through the fire”, you have nothing else to fear. You have nothing left to make you anxious. You just have “You”. Everything will be ok. It may seem overwhelming at first, to really face your fear, struggle or hardship, but after you’ve done so and learned the lessons, it is a beautiful thing.

You must find your own courage first, to the best of your ability, then you will feel empowered. Reach down, reach inward, that strength is still there as it always is. It is a river that never runs dry.  You just have to ‘know it’, to insist on it. Find yourself an empowering saying/mantra. Here are some examples of personal mantras:

“This day, this moment, I am Strong, Resilient and Knowing.”

“I am calm, confident and powerful”

“I am present now”

“I love myself”

“I am free from anger (sadness, fear, doubt, etc.)”

“Love is my experience”

Practice empowering yourself with something like this every day, as many times as you think of it. Especially when you feel doubtful or weak. Change any weak thoughts into strong ones instantly. You are your own enabler.

As you are probably both an empath and psychic sponge, keep your shields up. Surround yourself in a white light or whatever color you like! Also visualize rooting into the ground like a tree. Get your feet and hands in the soil, grass, and earth or grow some plants. Putting your hands in soil is great for grounding and feeling centered again.

Getting in-touch with that inner strength and power can be tricky if we’re not listening to our inner self as to what we need to be doing. Yes, listening is the key, and to listen you need to be able to quiet that storm of thought that is continually attempting to pull you under and drown you in worry, concern and what-if’s.

We are all healers, destroyers, educators, students, Devils….. Gods. Your actions will determine where you fit in at any giving moment. We are everything, and everything here we created. You just have to be who you are to truly understand/recognize this.

You already have the answers…but finding them may require some soul searching and re-empowerment. No one can solve your personal issues for you; they can only assist you in solving them.

“Problems cannot exist without the solutions.”

Problems are there to help you grow. You will not grow if you don’t face the problem. Remove the fear, fear is just a feeling to inform you of the unknown, to know… you have to interact.

Once you interact, you’ll be able to recognize what you knew all along and see for yourself that you just had a bit of amnesia.

Your thoughts will determine the outcome…so be optimistic when dwelling on the issues at hand. Negative outcomes come from negative thinking. Change your mind, change your world. Never let anyone place doubt on the ideas you feel will work. It might not work for others simply because they were not the thoughts of others. Their thoughts are suppose to co-exist with yours. So BE what you will and let the universe do it’s thing.

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