DIY Frame Collage

This is an example of a very inexpensive and simple wall collage. You can take the concepts below and create the wall of your dreams!


Get frames that represent the mood you’re going for. I chose white because I wanted a clean look on my beige walls. I wanted the color within the frame to pop as well. Feel free to dabble in multiple sizes, but start with nine pieces. After you’ve perfected nine, you can keep adding on.  FYI- each of the frames you see didn’t cost more than $2.

2. ART

Believe it or not, I used wrapping paper, old cards, scrapbook paper and a bag I received from a salon as art. You can also shop around Pinterest for some free printables. Any paper will do! Whatever inspires you! Here’s a free idea for you… Collect all your favorite pretty shopping bags, frame them and stick them in your closet or master bedroom to add some girly decor to your space.


There is a trick to it! I think nine pieces are great for balance. After I get everything framed, I lay things out on the floor and play around with how it looks. I start with my biggest or favorite piece in the center. Then I put another strong piece on the bottom left. After that, I place my third favorite piece in the upper right. So I have a tic-tac-toe of my three favorite pieces. After that, I play around with the remaining frames until I can see balance and beauty. Then I take a picture so I don’t forget how I laid them out.


You can use hammer and nail or 3M Command  Picture Hanging Strips. Give yourself time and patience when hanging. Refer to your photo as a reference. I hung these starting with the center piece. After that I hung the four corners and filled in the rest based on my photo. Don’t be afraid of things being a little “off” that is the beauty of a collage. I say eyeball it, rather than measure.


I love the collage I started, but there might be a day when I find another gorgeous wrapping paper or shopping bag that I want to hang. I can either add on to the left and the right of my current collage, or I can switch out the papers! Super fun and super chic!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please leave comments below with questions or share additional tips/tricks.

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