Creating the Life You Want

Creating the Life You Want or Accepting Life As It Is

The great artist Michelangelo who, when asked, how he could create such magnificent works of art he said he would ‘sit’ with the large slab of marble until, out of all the infinite potentials it contained, the perfect image that wanted to be born would ‘show itself’ and become clearly apparent to him. All he had to do was follow the lines, step by step, to reveal it.

In Buddhism and Vedic lineages the phrase “follow your Dharma” means to live life’s perfection, which is the same concept. In every moment, out of all the infinite potentials, there is contained one perfect action wanting to ‘be born’. By ‘following your dharma’ your perfect life unfolds.

The ego wants to assert itself and believe “I am creating the life I want” but the ego cannot create the perfect life. Its nature is confusion due to fear. Its perspective is limited. It has to step aside and allow all the perfect step-by-step actions – like Michelangelo following the lines with his chisel on the marble -to reveal the next move, which results in the most beautiful work of art we call ‘my perfect life’. And in the truest sense, that IS the life you really want. Nothing the ego can do would improve on it.

So it is a dilemma because the ego always wants to take credit and control. But that’s the only dilemma. Put that one aside and your perfect life is revealed and each step becomes apparent.

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