Are you Sexy?

If you have to ask…you may want to keep reading.

Being sexy is so much more than you think! It affects every aspect of your life. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me. Feeling sexy is extremely important. It doesn’t matter who you are, feeling attractive makes you more confident and happy.

Here are 8 ways to increase your sexiness:

Smile and Laugh–Sexy people are happy and happy people are sexy. It’s just a fact! When was the last time you said “Wow, that frowny faced man over there, whew! HE IS SEXY!” I doubt that has ever happened. Have a good time, it’s good for you.

Walk the Walk–Work it, girl! Each woman has something special about her walk. Be aware of what your “special sway” is and make those hips swing. HINT: Practice walking with good posture and your head up. I think you will see a difference in how you feel and are perceived.

Dress it up–Nothing makes a girl feel better than throwing on our favorite outfit. A good hair day always helps too. Take your time each morning when getting ready. Put some effort into how you style your hair, what jewelry you wear, etc. Every day should be considered a “dress-up day”. No need to wait for a an event like a date or a wedding to look your best. 

Get Out There, Tigress!–You cannot showcase your sexy if you are too busy to go out in public. Put yourself where the people are! Meet new people, learn new things, go to fun places. You need to be seen. RAR!

Drink Water–I know, I know… It sounds so lame, but drinking water isn’t just good for your inside, it is also great for your skin, your mood, and your waistline. Your entire body needs H20 to feel good and feelin’ good, is mighty sexy.

Get yo Fine A$$ to the Gym!–Working out is so good for you! I don’t know about you, but I want your sexy ass to stick around for a while. Working out will make that happen. BONUS: Not sure if you knew this..but there are boys at the gym…cute ones. Just sayin.

Get a Mirror Routine–STOP! MIRROR TIME! Ok, that was my MC Hammer side coming out there…my bad. Contrary to popular belief, the mirror is your friend. Take some time with it. Everyday, you need to look at that gorgeous woman staring back at you and say “I AM BEAUTIFUL”. Even if you don’t believe it at first, fake it. The words that hold the most energy are your own. Use those words on yourself. TRY THIS: Switch it up and say things like “Damn, my ass looks nice today!” Whew, I am having a good hair day!” Love yourself! You are worth it!

Surround Yourself with Good People–You are too wonderful to be wasting your time with people who don’t see how wonderful you are. Take a good look at the people you have in your life. Do they support you? Do they add value to your life? Can you communicate effectively with them? If you answered “no” to any of these, I recommend doing some soul searching. The people around you should be embracing and increasing your happiness.

There! Now you are all sorts of sexy! BAM!

You’re welcome! 😉


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