A Lesson in Respect

#respect #Love #kindnessAs women, we often demand this thing called “respect”, but do we really know what it means? AND more importantly, are we giving others the respect they deserve? I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now. The difficulty in these thoughts of gaining and giving respect is that I’ve realized (gulp), I am not very respectful to others sometimes. I need a true lesson in what respect means. I need to really embrace it and act respectfully toward others if I expect to receive it in return.

What does respect do for us?

It allows people to let their guard down. When this happens, recipients are more apt to listen to what you have to say. When people feel respected, they feel empowered. Empowerment feels good! Feeling good allows for a more abundant feeling and attitude.

Here are few ways I’ve started being more respectful in my daily life:

  •  Speak positively toward others.
    • This isn’t always easy. The actions of some people can really throw us over the edge. If given an opportunity to provide them feedback in person or through their supervisor, be as constructive and positive as possible. Always speak about them as if they have the best intentions.
  • Remember how small this world really is.
    • Always treat people equally when it comes to respect. From the homeless man on the street, co-workers to executives, these are all members of the human race. This goes back to the golden rule. “Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” Please note: Treating people with respect is different than letting others take advantage of you; but that is for a separate post.
  •  Keep in mind that everyone has their own life situation.
    • People view the world through their own experiences, personalities and motivations. Sometimes people don’t want to be happy and that’s okay! The moment you come in contact with someone, they could be experiencing something that you’ve never experienced, so do your best to always be kind.
  • Try not to take things personally.
    • As I mentioned, most people have varying experiences in this world, how they are treating you in moment, may have nothing to do with you. I try to remember that everyone is doing their best most of the time and I am easy to forgive and not react. This wasn’t easy! It has taken me years to get here and I have many more improvements to make.
  • Everyone is on a journey.
    • I personally believe that everything that happens to us is a lesson. The good, the bad and indeed the ugly. Some people will trigger us and we may react in anger while some will swoop in quickly and leave behind a trail of sunshine and rainbows that encourages us to change our perspective.

In closing, my advice is to be kind and naturally give others respect as your default position. It will help you feel more connected and respected yourself.

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